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Connie Post, Toast with Post

About Me



My culinary expertise is a legacy from being blessed with two southern grandmothers until I was in my thirties and the insight to watch, ask questions, and know that their style of cooking was very special! I gained a wealth of cooking basics from those special ladies which I am forever grateful.


I have been in the food service industry for many years and in many capacities, from waiting tables, to General Managment, I have done it all!! . This experience has given me a wide repertoire of cooking styles, but the closest to my heart will always remain good ole Southern food. "I just put my love into every dish I cook."


My passion is entertaining, preparing delicious food, setting an amazing display of my creations, and watching the guests awestruck with culinary delight! This came from my Mother, who loved to entertain, and I always seemed "needed" to help pull the event off!


What special lessons and warm memories!


With an unpretentious attitude, let me listen to you to get vision and direction, and then apply my sense of style and gracious Southern hospitality to create an event that you and your guests will remember with the highest quality of food and service at the core.


Thank you,

Connie Post


Let me introduce myself!

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